Saturday, December 10, 2011

RCSB PDB Fall 2011 web site update

Another major website update has been released for the RCSB web site. One of the main new features is Peter's new visualisation of surfaces with the Protein Workshop viewer. The calculation of surfaces is extremely fast and the resulting images look amazing. Here the capsid of a rather large virus (PBCV-1) - PDB ID 1M4X.

To visualize the surfaces, simply launch Protein Workshop from the viewer menu on the Structure Summary page.

Once the viewer has downloaded and installed itself, turn the surface on by dragging the Surfaces handle from Off to Opaque.

There are quite a number of display options, for a more detailed descriptions of all display options view here

A list of all the new features of the Fall 2011 release, is available on the "what's new page".